Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Regain Balance in Your Life Naturally

Because every patient is unique, and because the possible treatment options are extensive,  the results you achieve from bioidentical hormone replacement depend on the skill of your practitioner.   Since 1999, I have been helping my patients achieve this art of balance naturally through a combination of multiple bioidentical hormones, laboratory diagnostics, food choices, and dietary supplements.

As men and women age, the production of hormones naturally declines.  For some it could be a nonevent, and for others their quality of life is seriously affected.  Bioidentical hormone replacement should be considered if your are experiencing mood swings, depression, anxiety, insomnia, decreased libido, weight gain, or hot flashes.  Bioidentical hormone replacement is a tailored and individualized treatment that differs from the one size fits all approach in mainstream medicine.

Some patients can achieve balance of their hormones without medication.  I strive to improve symptoms through diet, exercise, lifestyle modification,  and dietary supplements first.  I take the time to sit down and extensively review your issues.  In addition, a thorough physical exam is performed, with body compartment and basal metabolic rate analysis.  I combine this information with the results of specialized blood and urine hormonal testing to prescribe specific individualized doses of bioidentical hormone.

I always treat the patient, not the lab result.  For example, if you have overwhelming clinical symptoms of low thyroid, but your lab result is in the “normal range”, I will prescribe a small dose of bioidentical thyroid, nonetheless, to see if your symptoms are improved.

I always treat the patient, not the lab result.

Bioidentical hormones are different from the synthetic hormones commonly prescribed by mainstream physicians.  Bioidentical hormones resemble the hormones produced by your body.  A tailored dose is specifically made by a compounding pharmacy for my patient.  This method gives more flexibility for adjustment and is better tolerated than the one-size-fits-all synthetic hormones from the generic pharmacy.

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