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After more than 12 years of practicing holistic and preventative medicine, I can most definitely say it has been the most rewarding part of my career. My practice style has remained the same. I spend plenty of quality time with each patient and my support staff is also trained to do the same. The joy and satisfaction of knowing I have made a difference in the lives of patients and their families is incomparable. My practice attracts patients who have not had success with conventional medicine or the cannot tolerate or will not take prescription drugs. I integrate a natural approach to conventional medicine, including natural alternatives to prescription drugs, vitamin and nutrient supplements as well as nutritional advice. Although my main focus is prevention, I specialize in chronic illness.

I see a wide range of patients, from children to the elderly, who are all seeking natural ways to improve their health. In addition to sound nutritional and preventative advice, I offer a wide range of medical services including bio-identical hormones, therapeutic vitamin drips, immune systems support and detoxification protocols. I can also offer you specialty testing in the fields of hormones, food and environmental allergies, as well as testing for nutritional deficiencies, candida, heavy metal burden, and immune surveillance. In addition I offer Autistic patients biomedical interventions as an adjunct to conventional therapies.

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