LDA/LDI Low Dose Allergen and Immuno Therapy

Low Dose Allergen (LDA)

Low Dose  Immuno Therapy (LDI)

Conventional Allergy Shots have been around since 1908. This standard therapy has a proven effect for pollens, dust mites, cat dander and others including bee venom.  Common doses are given in very high concentrations (comparatively) like 1:100,000 for maintenance.

By contrast, in LDA the highest dose is 1:100,000,000 and the lowest dose is 1:1,000,000,000,000,000.   That is a quadrillion times weaker than conventional allergy shots.   These doses are so low there has never been a reported case of anaphylaxis.  LDA can be effective for foods, chemicals, molds and more.  This is not the case with traditional allergy shots.  Treatments occur once every 2 months instead of 1-2 times per week and eventually become less frequent over time.  The enzyme beta glucuronidase is used to make the treatment more effective.

Because the doses of the antigen used are so low, in my opinion, LDA / LDI  is far safer, effective and more user friendly than conventional allergy shots.  Many autoimmune diseases are triggered in part by microbes; however, attempts to eradicate the microbe are not always effective.  Instead, with LDA, we attempt to desensitize the immune system to the foreign microbe.  The goal is to retrain tolerance of the microbe by the immune system.  The purported success rated from Dr. Schraeder, the developer of LDA,  is 75-80%.

LDI is based on the work Ty Vincent MD with individualized custom mixtures of bacteria and self derived samples from each patient (auto vaccines).  Consequently, Lyme disease, inflammatory bowel disease, yeast issues and chronic illnesses that have had no previous effective treatment, now have another treatment option.  The current Lyme mix consists of 75 microorganisms, and once we find the correct dilution for you, there is about 90% success rate in his anecdotal experience.  But, I also suggest that you do a basic internet search for additional information to come to your independent decision.

LDI auto-vaccines require:

Patient stool for Chron’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, Lupus, myasthenia gravis

Patient urine for interstitial cystitis, nephrotic syndrome

Patient vaginal secretions for chronic vaginitis

Patient nasal secretions for chronic sinusitis

The following list of conditions are candidates for LDA:

Autoimmune DiseaseIBS
Brain FogItching/pruritus
Chronic  CoughOsteo/Reactive Arthritis
Chronic fatiguePMS
ConstipationPost Nasal Drip
Contact DermatitisPsoriasis
DepressionSeizure Disorder
DiabetesSevere headaches
Eczema/dermatitisSevere Muscle Pains
Emotional/Behavioral problemsSjogren’s
Food SensitivitiesTourette’s
Hives/UrticariaUlcerative Colitis
HypertensionUrine disorder
HyperventilationVaginal itching, chronic
Anal Itching, chronicVulvadynia
Angioedema (swollen lips etc.)Vulvodynia

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