LDI Positive Results (Child Patient)

Since Ryder had his dose on 6/18 his disposition and everything has improved!!!! The entire family, teachers and caregivers all seeing dramatic positive changes. Very exciting. Would love to know when we can give him the yeast and/or Lyme drops. We do have the flucanozole as well. Please advise.

Hi again, We did give Ryder the Lyme’s drop. Only positive results!!!! He wasn’t even hyper (except 1 day) and that was because his clonidine patch fell off. We are so thrilled with these results. We are doing things and life is becoming so much more “normal” and relaxed. I’m not sure I would EVER have put that in a sentence about our life prior to these injections. I can actually predict his behavior!!!! He’s a happy, engaged, more independent boy. Hoping his language will take a jump. It’s increasing but haven’t seen a big jump yet. Should we do the final of the 4 injections?

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