LDA Testimonial – OCD (Child Patient)

Dr. Hirani,

I want to let you know how well my son is doing on the low dose immune therapy. We are in the first rounds of four different LDA’s and second round for LDA for Strep. We have been on a very long road of recovery. It has taken first the right doctor, you, and then our willingness as parents and a family to embrace the non-traditional ideas of healing our son. The first important step was all the tests, and then the biomed intervention therapy. After doing that for many months we supported his immune system with GCMAF.

Then your ideas of desensitizing the immune system with the LDA therapy was the game changer. Our son was on multiple supplements, ones I thought he couldn’t get through a single day without. After his first dose of LDA for Strep, no supplements, he was a different child. Our son struggles with anxiety, meltdowns, language deficits, and other symptoms associated with ASD. He is high functioning, but struggles with learning and social situations. I would NEVER have thought my son’s personality would change in a few hours. It is not a quick miracle cure, it is not a drug, it is simply giving my son his body and mind back. His internal struggles were numerous. Everyday would be different and some good and some bad. He had more good than bad after supplementing, but the changes we saw in a few hours was unbelievable. My son was truly happy for the first time in his life. Internal happiness that allowed him the ability to feel life the way the rest of us do… The anxiety had dropped by 50 percent. But what was truly amazing is that we didn’t need the multitude of supplements anymore.

My son has truly been unable to learn due to the symptoms of his ASD, Lyme disease and PANDAS. I was never able to have ABA due to his anxiety, but what I found most amazing is that the need for an ABA therapist was almost unnecessary because his body wasn’t struggling anymore. For those parents who have young children, imagine not needing ABA? Because your child wasn’t having meltdowns anymore. Your child Is receptive to learning because he or she is no longer suffering an internal struggle that they are far too young to understand.

If I could do it all over again. I would follow a path of healing the body. The symptoms are a sign that the body isn’t well. We need to find the source and treat the problem, not the symptoms. Yesterday, my son had his sixth private karate lesson. His sensei told me that he had another amazing session. He was focused, followed directions, and was given a three minute break because he had worked so hard. The sensei was beside himself. He couldn’t believe that he could change so dramatically in just two weeks. I know that no child changes that quickly unless something has happened and I know it was the LDA.

I am so thankful that I truly have hope for a better life for my son. I know we still have hills to climb. Sometimes the doses have side effects and the body needs time to react. We have had fevers, bad sleeping etc., but it only lasted for a few days. After about four days it was back to normal. Hyperactivity stopped and we were moving forward. It’s amazing. I will take all the bad days to have what I get after. Amazing. Thank you Dr. Hirani.

Marla and David K.

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