LDA LDI Testimonial Fatigue, Cognition, Constipation (Adult patient)

Doctor Hirani, Please feel free to use  this testimonial. I am comfortable with what I wrote and will stand by it:

My health problems really surfaced 10 to 15 years ago. I struggled, especially the last couple of years, at my demanding occupation with low energy levels, cognitive thinking, constipation, and eventually balance issues. This is just a sample of the symptoms I experienced. It is important for me to say that over the years, I have gone to several health groups and doctors to get this resolved.

Eventually, I went to the motility experts at Cedar Sinai Hospital. These doctors at Cedar Sinai are the very best for motility of the bowels and perform research studies on the subject. After testing of several months at Cedar Sinai, I was referred to Doctor Hirani by my conventional physician to resolve my health situation.

Doctor Hirani first ran extensive tests including a blood test that revealed a heavy metal problem on top of other issues to resolve. Doctor Hirani methods are very thorough and she is very learned and detailed of the treatment methods .

After chelation therapy, Doctor Hirani placed me on LDA/LDI therapy and this was the cure of cures for me! This therapy convinced me that after all the tests I had previously been part of over the years, that it was actually a bacteria problem that I was dealing with. The LDA/LDI therapy for food, Chron’s, bacteria, yeast, and Lyme all had a dramatic affect to my cure. I thrived with the healthy bacteria and embraced this new treatment.

It’s a life altering situation when the body begins to strengthen after years of varying degrees of challenges. I was strengthening and my energy levels were returning. Doctor Hirani is a true professional and very knowledgeable. She fully explains all the procedures or methods prior to starting any treatments. LDA/LDI was the beginning of this road to health for me. I have gotten my health back since I began treatment with LDA/LDI and I’m multi-tasking actually at a very efficient pace (fast).

To Wellness,
Dan O

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