Success Story – Neural Therapy for GERD and Gastritis

I have been suffering from Gastritis & GERD for more than 10 years. My wife encouraged me to seek medical advice from Dr. Karima Hirani for my health in general. In August 2014, I met with Dr.Hirani and shared with her my horrible experience of long hours wait at the ER for severe epigastric pain for which I had CT SCAN and endoscopy and was given iv medication with follow up by Gastroenterologist but no improvement . I eventually ended up controlling my stomach pain and nausea with self medication from OTC anti acid and Pepcid, Nexium, Zantac all together . Dr.Hirani proposed the Neural Therapy and after few minutes of explanation I was ready a trial. Two days after the initial Neural Therapy I was pain free, no sign and symptoms of Gastritis/GERD. During last week of October I went for a second Neural Therapy and so far it has worked marvelously for me. Now, I am off all anti acid and other OTC Medications, I am only taking the supplement provided by Dr.Hirani. The Neural Therapy so far has had a very impressive positive effect on my health and may have also contributed a weight loss of about 5 Lb. Since I started treatment with Dr.Hirani in February 2014, I have lost about 35 Lb with her advice and a very well plan diet with the great support of my beloved wife without whom I will not have been seeking alternative therapy. Thank you Dr.Hirani for thinking outside the box !

Suraj Bossoondyal, MD, California November 11, 2014

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