GcMAF Autism Success Story

Dr. Hirani,

We started my son on GcMAF in May, 2013. We have been using GcMAF for over 9 weeks now and have seen amazing improvement.

My son has been through a lot the past 12 years. To help him, we tried numerous interventions. Some helped, some did not. The treatments that did help where not sustained and we became repeatedly disappointed. But with your help we never lost hope and we never stopped trying to find something that would work.

Frequent infections brought severe aggression, sleeplessness (sometimes 4 days straight with no sleep), eating disorders, constipation, hyperactivity, OCD, constant laughing, and much stress for the whole family.

It had gotten to the point where we became near lock-ins. What I mean is that we could not go anywhere with my son without fear of an outburst of severe aggression. The aggression was unpredictable and as my son grew older, his outbursts became harder and harder to manage. Eventually, the aggression controlled our lives. Overtime, we resigned ourselves to staying at home. My son would go to school, then come home and wait for the next school day. We had built our lives around this schedule and it became our routine as we battled infections and behaviors.

The aggression was not a cause unto itself. I believe it was a symptom of a much deeper issue. I feel that it was related to a weakened immune system resulting in frequent infections that were not visible in any other form but those I described above in addition to variations of my son’s intellectual capacity as his learning and compliance abilities seemed to vary in accordance with his wellness.

The GcMAF treatments progressed exactly as you said they might. We saw immediate improvement, then some regression, then slow but steady improvement as the dosages increased and his immune system sprang back to life.

My son is now eating properly, sleeping better, and has much improved behavior. He is pleasant, calm, and more social. I can see that he feels better. Although we still have occasional problems, they appear less frequent and we see much quicker recoveries than before GcMAF.

We are still a family with autism, but I do not remember ever being this hopeful. I do believe we found something that will provide sustained improvement. I would have never guessed that we would see so much improvement so fast with GcMAF.

We are planning outings and have already started going to church together for the first time in a long time!
Thank you so much for being there for us and for your willingness to help my precious son. He is the world to me, and it appears that my world is coming back!


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